your imperfections make me even more obsessed with you

Four years after the success of C-O-O-L EP, St. Niklas finally returns with a new collection of super fresh songs.


The previous EP was critically acclaimed by norwegian national radio, and highlighted by music blogs all over and by Spanish marathon runners (!!) which accumulated more than a millions streams on Spotify alone, and gave him top spots on Spotify Viral in Norway, Sweden and Spain. All this without any label or PR-support!


After the two singles Late Nights and Rebels , which has accumulated in more than 112 plays on norwegian national radio, the time for the new EP your imperfections make me even more obsessed with you is finally here! The EP will be released June 12th, and is the result of collaborations with a number of different producers and songwriters across places as Oslo, Stockholm, London and Newcastle.


your imperfections make me even more obsessed with you contains several un-released tracks, one of them being Even When It Hurts.


-When I wrote Even When It Hurts I wanted to put into words how a breakup can lead to self-destructive behaviour. In one moment you`re in loves` intoxication, but in the next one you feel that love is a curse. It`s pretty weird, but while looking back on previous relationships even my very best friends couldn`t comfort me. It really makes no sense when I`m looking back on it. Is it because the need of being seen is biggest from that very person that just told you you`re not good enough?, he refects.


your imperfections make me even more obsessed with you is about accepting reality for what it really is, and how imperfections actually can be perfect.


-I often asked myself what makes something «perfect». Is it even something that be defined in any way?, he asks.


After the success of C-O-O-L EP, where three of the songs premiered on Norwegian P3, and some of the tracks was put in rotation by both P1 and P3, the by far two biggest radio stations in Norway,


St. Niklas has written a number of songs that he ended up rejecting, taking his time to be able to to release only the very best of them now. At the same time, he has been writing songs for other artists, including Tomine Harket`s hit song Breathing Better.


your imperfections make me even more obsessed with you is released on Raindrops on June 12th.    

your imperfections make me even more obs
00:00 / 00:54
00:00 / 02:58
Even When It Hurts
00:00 / 02:46
Late Nights (Wariner Remix)
00:00 / 03:08
Late Nights
00:00 / 03:20


RELEASE DATE: 12.juni.2020


01 Rebels (02:57)

02 Late Nights (03:20)

03 your imperfections make me even more               obsessed with you (00:53)

04 Even When It Hurts (02:45)

05 Late Nights (Wariner Remix) (03:07)


CAT:  CAT0059



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